Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Air Products Fuels New Suzuki Fuel Cell Burgman Scooter at Loughborough University

I was lucky enough to see the new Suzuki Fuel Cell Burgman Scooter make it's first official journey last week at Loughborough University. I was really impressed at how cool the bike looked, and how easy it was to fill with hydrogen from the Air Products series 100 fuelling unit, which was installed at the University campus in 2008.

Loughborough University has been part of the project with Intelligent Energy (a UK fuel cell developer) and Suzuki developing the Fuel Cell Burgman Scooter. The new scooter is greener than traditional motorcycles as it is powered via a hydrogen fuel cell, yet still offers the same speed and power.

The Suzuki Burgman Fuel Cell Scooter, which has been undergoing rigorous testing at Loughborough University, made its first official journey around the Loughborough campus on Friday, February 05, 2010, with further road tests planned in London for later this year.
The Air Products Series 100 fuelling station fuelled the vehicle, which attracted a lot of interest from local press and media as well as test riders from Motor Cycle News, who were very impressed with the motorbike.

The motorbike, which was unveiled for the first time on Wednesday, February 03, 2010 at an event at City Hall, London, impressed London Deputy Mayor and Chair of the London Hydrogen Partnership, Kit Malthouse, who said: “This scooter, which produces nothing but water, is a triumph of human ingenuity. I hope Londoners will dump their 20th century motorcycles and buy one built for the 21st century.”

I was able to have a quick chat with Ian Williamson, Hydrogen Energy Systems Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa from Air Products he told me: “We are extremely proud to be involved with Loughborough University and Intelligent Energy on this project. The station at the University will allow for research and tests, proving the feasibility of hydrogen transport at a local level. We look forward to helping to fuel more hydrogen vehicles in the near future.”

That's it for now... I will be back soon to tell you all about our exciting project with Coventry University.


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