Monday, 29 June 2009

Which is better, Petrol, Diesel of Hydrogen?

This week I am visiting the University of Birmingham's Edgbaston campus where they have installed a hydrogen gas fuelling station.

Engineers at the University have been comparing five hydrogen powered vehicles with the University’s own fleet of petrol, diesel and pure ‘electric’ vehicles so that they can learn more about their efficiency and performance. The researchers will determine how these vehicles need to be adapted in order to make hydrogen an attractive and cost effective option as a future fuel.

The engineers were even kind enough to take me out for a spin in one of the cars! It was so cool - I loved it! I cannot wait to get my own hydrogen car now.

I was able to speak to Professor Kevin Kendall who is the lead investigator from the University’s Department of Chemical Engineering. He said ‘We are delighted to be the home of England’s first installed hydrogen gas filling station. It has been absolutely necessary that we have the means to refuel our fleet of hydrogen powered cars so that we can carry out our research project into the feasibility of hydrogen in a transport context. This will mean that eventually you may be able to drive a car just like this around the streets of Birmingham and the rest of the UK.’

Thanks to Kevin and the team for showing me round the campus and allowing me a go in a hydrogen car!

As I continue with my hydrogen tour up north stay tuned to see where I am visiting next...

Friday, 26 June 2009

Alistair Darling has a taste of hydrogen

I saw on the news last week that that our very own Chancellor, Alistair Darling has been trying his hand at what a hydrogen car is like. I cannot wait to ride in a hydrogen car of my own!

Does anyone else have any hydrogen car tales? The only experience I have is ‘driving’ a model car!

I am planning a trip 'up north' as they say here to see some hydrogen projects, I might see if I can call by Sheffield myself to give this car a spin.

Must dash and start packing - will speak to you all soon!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

London Schools Hydrogen Challenge - Fueling the Minds of the Future

Wow what an exciting day I had!

On Wednesday I had my first appearance in London, at the London Schools Hydrogen Challenge final where a selection of pupils from a range of London Borough schools were lucky enough to reach the final.

I met Professor Hydrogen who taught me and the other children to build a hydrogen car. These cars are the cars of the future and will no doubt be the vehicle these children will purchase as a first car. In fact, I can’t wait to drive one!! I have already been on a hydrogen bus in the US.

I was honoured to take part in the prize draw and announced the final winner of the prestigious competition. Well done to Waldergrave School, Richmond who won first prize of £1,000 which was sponsored by Air Products.
And then, I met with Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse and Mayor of London Boris Johnson. Kit Malthouse said to me: ‘It is great to see London’s school kids learning about new technologies.' I agree with Kit and really think that this will completely change our future.

A pupil, aged 12, from St Thomas More Roman Catholic Comprehensive School in Greenwich, said to me: ‘I really enjoyed learning something new and it was fun.’

I really enjoyed this first day in London – but I still have loads to discover in the capital and the surroundings. I hope to be back soon!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

UK Beware – I’m on my way!

I am now in the United Kingdom and it’s so exciting!

I will be the new Air Products hydrogen ambassador and look forward to my first ever appearance on British soil at the final of the 2009 London Schools Hydrogen Challenge sponsored by Air Products tomorrow. It will be such an honour to meet all the pupils from the various schools who have taken part in the competition this year.

I will be meeting the local press too for photographs at 8.45am at City Hall - a chance for journalists to get my autograph!

I have come over to the UK to educate children and teenagers on renewable green energy sources by visiting schools and setting challenges which will be rolled out across the UK. I hope you will all enjoy following my quest in discovering hydrogen as a renewable fuel making our future cleaner and greener.

In the mean time I need to finish getting myself ready for my appearance and will be updating you next week on how my debut went.

Ciao for now!